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Light Feet Yurt's
Leaving a lighter foot print
The mission of this website is to encourage and facilitate communication using the Internet for the purpose of education and self empowerment through learning to live in more ballanced self reliant communities.
Light Feet Yurts promotes greater respect for our Planet and Humanity.
Living in a round dwelling or a circle of family, friends and community has a long history of lore and metaphor that alludes to greater spiritual awareness and insights to the ways of Nature and understanding The Circle of Life. So we shall pursue with high expectations.
Our Mission
Higher Expectations
Four Winds
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Trust: building an outstanding community.
Integrity: the foundation to lasting relationships.
Harmony: understanding how to live in today's changing world.
Passion: striving to grow.
of the Light Feet Community
Learning to use tools that guide us to develop the gifts given to each of us upon birth.

Fostering Community & Connection through Cooperation, Collaboration & Teamwork.

Showing honor and respect to our ancestors and Elders through learning from this wealth of knowledge and wisdom.
Please don't confuse Four Winds (cornerstones of the Light Feet Community) with the Four Winds or the Four Directions referenced in Native American Indian Prophecies.
Connecting like minded people
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Watch full length video packed with information about how we are all conected / the 2012 Phenomenon
Four, the sacred number
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