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Making the Most of Our Natural Resources

Salvage logs can be one of many types of trees that come from the forest, urban community's or the big city's. Our goal is to produce serviceable lumber, furniture and woodproducts made from salvage logs using our portable sawmill.
During commercial harvesting there is always a percentage of logs
that will have some type of defect such as rot, disease, scares or
even the fact that the trees are not the target species being
harvested. In these cases these trees are deemed Non Marketable
Salvage Logs and are left to rot, burned at the harvest location or
sometimes ground into chips and burned to produce electricity.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the trees lining the streets
of small towns or the big city's when they die or need to be
removed? More and more areas of our country are recognising the
value of these trees. In the past most trees were dumped at the
expense of the city tax payers. Today some of these trees are turned
into picnic tables for city parks and benches at bus stops.

" I have milled urban salvage Walnut trees into lumber that
returned to local schools for students to use in wood shop

Have you seen a building site cleared of all trees so that a house,
shopping mall or roads can be built. These trees are considered
salvage logs and can be processed by portable sawmills to be made
into lumber but in most cases these logs will end up in a landfill or
someones fireplace.

Think Globally, Act Locally
Since trees are one of America’s most treasured natural resources,
using portable sawmills to convert scrap trees into usable lumber
is another conservation measure that just makes sense.
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