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Set up in just one hour! This will likely be longer for first timers.

1. Connect sidewall to the doorframe with machine bolts and wing nuts.
2. Place the quarter inch diameter aircraft cable in the "V" notch of sidewalls.
3. Rafters seat into the cable at V notch on walls and in hub at peak of roof.
4. At this point you are ready to hang the side canvas and top cover canvas.

Please note: This does not include the floor. Light Feet Yurts can be set up on level ground without building a floor. A floor is recommended for a permanent set up.
Light Feet Yurt's
Leaving a lighter foot print
A Yurt or Ger is the original Mobile Home
Yurt Network
For more complete set up information please visit the Yurt Network where you will find more details and photos to help assist with your set up.
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