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2011 Road Shows/Workshops

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2011 Road Shows/Workshops

Postby YurtHead » Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:32 pm

I am working on a schedule for Yurt Workshops in the Chico, Berkly, Santa Cruz, Humboldt areas of California and Rockaway Beach and Portland areas of Oregon. If you are interested in connecting or participating please respond to this post or send a private message for more details.

I will be scheduling additional yurt construction projects where I am able to start with logs to mill all the lumber and then assembling yurts components on site. I make the hub and doors ahead of time and the remaining materials are milled and assembled on site.

Interested groups or individuals can participate in the entire process of construction from milling logs to finished yurts ready to use. Depending on the amount of participants and available resources it will be possible to obtain a new yurt at a very affordable price.
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