Camp Fire Emergency Shelter Project

Camp Fire Emergency Shelter Project

Welcome, this board has been dormant for quite some time. I have hope it can provide a place for those affected by The Camp Fire (or any other life changing situation) to gather and share experience with productive recovery efforts. Please visit, participate and help build the Yurt Network community. Post and Find questions, answers and shared experiences. Knowledge is Power.

Camp Fire Emergency Shelter Project

Postby YurtHead » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:57 am

This is a Mission to Provide Fire Victims with Emergency Shelter and Recovery

On site emergency construction of yurt shelters made with lumber materials saw milled from salvaged trees at or nearby area impacted by the Camp Fire.

The final product will be a tangible, easily portable yurt shelter that will be owned by fire victims that participate in building their temporary home. Providing a hands-on experience instilling a vision leading towards a means to an end of the traumatic effects of the Camp Fire.

Please see our Yurt Workshop Calendar and Mission Updates for the most current activity at the new website:
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