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Butte Fire Logs to Yurt Recovery Project

Postby YurtHead » Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:22 pm

If you have recently been affected by the devastating fires across California and would like to learn more about the Logs to Yurts Recovery Project ask about information regarding recovery efforts in your geographical location.

Learn to build, build to own

On site construction and hands on rebuilding!

This is a fire recovery yurt workshop to be held for those who have lost homes to to the recent disaster in Calavars County. The final date and location has not yet been set. We are looking for a host location in the Mountain Ranch area with timber that can be processed on site to build yurts in a "Yurt Raising" (barn raising) style of community recovery project.

Hands on construction of yurt parts and assembly of yurts will take place. Practical, portable, self reliant yurt building / shelter skills will be the focus of this event. Actively participate in learning to build and live in a yurt.

Workshop summary; Using our portable sawmill we will mill logs on site and promptly process lumber into walls and rafters that can be set up into yurts right away. No waiting, instant gratification! The assembly line method can be preformed by both skilled and unskilled participants. Learn to build and build to own. This is one method that anyone on a tight budgut can help keep their overall cost down at the same time as learning how to build and set up a yurt sutiable for year round living.

All hardware and "Hubs" will be provided at the workshop.

How to help; This is a great opertunity to help others by donating your time to directly bennifit others in their time of need. If you would like to make a donation to someone you know we have made it easy to purchase a gift certificate and send it directly to them. Or would like to be put in touch with someone in need? Contact us with your request and we are happy to help you.

Please register here for a yurt and let us know what your needs are and subscribe below for the Logs to Yurts Recovery Project email/newsletter.
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