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Eco friendly materials are used whenever possible for all yurt components. We custom mill our wood from salvage logs and now offer recycled 16 ounce vinyl canvas for the roof and wall coverings.
What is a Yurt?
Sky lite
Set Up
Shoping Cart
Light Feet Yurt's
Leaving a lighter foot print
A Yurt or Ger is the original Mobile Home
Yurt Network
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Here is a short time lapse video of a yurt floor construction and yurt set up.
Aproximatly a four hour project in 70 seconds.
It takes me one hour to set up a 16 or 20 foot yurt. There are 4 main structural components, the compression hub, wall, door frame and rafters. Most always it takes longer to move goods in and out of the yurt when moving it.

Roll out the wall, fasten the door frame with bolts and wing nuts,lash the hub to hub stand while putting the rafters in place, remove hub stand and hang canvas.

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See more videos with a five foot snow load.
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