Q.  What is the difference between a Basic yurt and a Deluxe yurt?

A. The Deluxe yurt has a pre hung solid Cedar or Redwood door w/lock and key, Pine jam sides/head piece with recessed weather striping, Oak threshold w/dam. The Basic yurt has a simple Pine door frame with Oak threshold with a canvas flap instead of a wood door.

NOTE: The simple door frame can be fitted with a door along with weather striping by a skilled carpenter.

Q. How can I keep my price down?

A. Owner participation/improvements.

  1. If you have carpentry skills, then building a round floor, steps or hanging a door could be a few of many ways of making owner improvements that can keep your initial cost down. This is also a way for the self reliant builder or project manager to increase the value of an investment for the long run.
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  3. Attend a yurt workshop and participate with hands on construction skills while building your own yurt! Ask about an upcoming Workshop schedule.

Q. I am not a carpenter, can I upgrade my yurt later?

A. There are a few upgrades that are fairly easy for the average person such as a door upgrade or adding a clear vinyl pop top cover. However shipping or delivery may add to the cost. You can always hire a qualified carpenter to work by the hour or the project.

Q. How do I get the most out of my yurt?

A. The best fit for a Light Feet Yurt owner is anyone who is self reliant or community orientated and looking for a  truly affordable portable shelter that has unlimited applications. Yurt living is an alternative life style. If you want to have a tangible way to make an effect on lessening the heavy handed negative impacts of modern housing then a Light Feet Yurt is a perfect example of how to leave a lighter foot print on our environment. As our Mission statement says "Light Feet Yurts promotes greater respect for our Planet and Humanity".

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