Nature's Head Composting Toilet System


The concept of a composting toilet system is not a new one but this unit is the freshest of the new generation of alternative composting systems.

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This composting toilet is completely self-contained, and can safely be used in places where traditional flush toilets are impractical, where there is no water or sewer service. Because Nature's Head Composting Toilets were designed for the harshest of conditions, they will stand up to years of trouble free service.

Power Requirements 

12 Volt

A simple 12 volt computer muffin fan drawing less than 2 amp hours (12 volt power) in 24 hours is the only power required for this unit. The fan may also be powered by a 110 volt source with an appropriate power adapter that reduces the power to 12 volts.


24-Hour Solar Powered Ventilation Circulates fresh air in yurt, boat, cabin… Protects against mold, mildew and musty air. Moves over 800 cubic feet of air in an hour or 19200 cubic feet of air a day. (sold separately here). 

No Water Needed!

Our toilet is called a dry toilet because it uses no water for flushing. That’s right; there is no plumbing to attach to our toilet. This is yet another reason for the exceptional capacity.


The unit must be vented to the outside of your yurt,cabin, boat, RV, truck, or vacation property. This helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh, and allows for proper growth of beneficial bacteria which facilitates the composting process.


Out toilet is very economical to operate; there are NO chemicals to buy. We purchased a bale of peat moss from “Lowe’s” more than two years ago for $10.00 and we’re still using it.

Easy Installation

Easy to install; the unit attaches to the floor with two small l brackets. There is one ventilation hose to run outside and one 12volt power hook-up for a small computer type fan. The unit could even be run completely powerless by running the vent hose to a solar vent. (Please see or installation instructions for additional information)

Easy Empty

When it’s time to empty your toilet simply flip the two latches on the sides and lift the upper section up a few inches. Put the lid on the liquid bottle and lift it out of its holder. To empty the main tank un-hook the 12 volt power connector and the vent hose and then slide the upper section off its open ended hinge. Undo the 2 thumb screws on the base and it’s ready to empty. Because there are no liquids in the main tank, even full it is never heavy. The unit is sized so that a kitchen garbage bag will go over the end of the main tank. Simply flip it over and you’re done. There is no need to clean the tank when you empty it, any left-over matter will help start the composting process all over again.

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