Deluxe door
Made of solid Cedar this door comes with an exterior lock set, two keys and is pre hung with brass hinges and top of the line weather striping. A solid Oak threshold is used for lasting durability
Keeping in line with our policies of offering the lowest price and eco friendly products we use a hand rubbed oil finish on all deluxe door parts. Additional waterproofing finish can be applied to the door. In most cases this is done as an owner upgrade, this helps us keep our price as low as possible. Upon request an exterior UV/water resistant finish can be applied at an additional charge.
Light Feet Yurt's
Leaving a lighter foot print
Door options
Yurt Network
We offer two door options; a simple door and a deluxe door.
Simple door
The simple door consists of a pine doorframe with a canvas flap. This door helps us keep our price as low as possible. It can be fitted with a wood door (owner upgrade) using basic carpentry skills.
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