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Light Feet Yurt's
Leaving a lighter foot print
A Yurt or Ger is the original Mobile Home
16-foot yurts have been the most common size used by nomadic families in the region of Mongolia for many centuries. This size proves to be the most cost effective and easiest to manufacture and utilize as a mobile home.
The Light Feet Mission is focused on using Eco friendly materials with the intent of leaving a lighter footprint on our environment. Using as many "Green" materials as possible. Each yurt is hand crafted with recycled vinyl canvas coverings and all lumber milled from Salvage Logs. Designed to be the most cost effective, economical, inexpensive, easily portable yurt for sale in California and Oregon.
Eco Friendly Yurts for Everyone
Quality, affordable, portable alternatives to traditional shelter.
Yurt camping along the Big Sur Coast
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Yurt Network
Thanks to all who visited the Yurt Village May 21-22 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds and to those who worked very hard to make this event happen. It was a great success. See photos
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Original Mongolian Yurts
* Affordable unique cost effective design
* Easily portable and adaptable
* One hour set up and break down
* 90% Eco friendly materials
* Unlimited owner builder upgrades
* Support small Green Builders and recycling
* Personal service in California and Oregon
Please don't confuse us with other yurt makers but due take note of the difference between our truly Green easily portable Shelter and all other yurts for sale from builders such as:
If you would like the Taj Mahal of yurts there are many great brands available all around the United States and the world. and have some good leads, check them out.
Free delivery and set up during one of our road trips. Ask for details.
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