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16' Nomad Deluxe
[16' deluxe]


My wife and I purchased the 16' Nomad Deluxe w/ the optional floor during a special sale last May. The reason for purchasing was so that we would have a semi-permanent structure on the 23 acre property we owned near Donner Pass while we were working on a more permanent structure. Once the permanent structure was in place the yurt would then be used as room for additional guests or as a spinning and weaving studio for my wife. We planned to use the yurt through the remainder of the summer and then thru the fall/winter/spring till we could start building the following summer. This is all to frame how we intended to use the yurt and put our review in perspective.

Ron (the owner) personally delivered our yurt and completed the construction of the raised wood floor in a matter of hours. While my wife and I could have built the floor with instructions from Ron it would have taken us at least 2 weekends vs the half day that he was able to accomplish it in. Ron then guided us thru the setup of the yurt and made sure we have a thorough understanding of each component and how it all went together. Once again, we could have done it ourselves but this was a huge time saver.

Because Ron knew this was going to be permanent installation for a while he took additional steps to wire wrap the rafters to the lattice and the compression ring. This makes the yurt very solid. In addition we added risers at the end of the rafters to help with snow loading during the winter (Donner Pass area gets some very heavy snowfalls).

We have been using the yurt continuously since June staying in it for 1-3 days at a stretch at least every 2-3 weeks at a minimum. With a wood stove installed for warmth it has been an absolute joy to stay in during the chilly fall and cold winter up in the sierras. The vinyl make look lightweight but it has held up fantastically with up to 5 ft of snow on it this winter. In the few cases where I have put small holes in the vinyl while clearing snow it is easily repaired with some extra vinyl that Ron gave us and the appropriate glue.

While the Nomad doesn't have complete finished looks of something like a Pacific yurt it is just as functional and provides exceptional value. We also like the fact that it uses reclaimed lumber and re-purposed vinyl. All in all I can highly recommend it!

Here are two links to videos of our yurt. The first shows Ron building the platform and guiding us thru raising the yurt. The second shows it standing up to 4+ ft of snow in the sierras.


Date Added: 02/17/2013 by Michael Declerck
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